Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones are the UK based electronic music recording artists, best known as The Space Brothers. They also record under several other pseudonyms, including Lustral, Chakra, Oxygen & Ascension and have released material on scores of different labels, including Jackpot, Hooj Choons, Warner Brothers, MCA, Manifesto, Virgin, Ultra, Perfecto and Armada Music.

Their breakthrough single was “Shine” released in 1997, which kickstarted a prolific run which would see them chart in the UK top 40 thirteen times. With records under their Chakra alias such as “Home”, “I Am” and “Love Shines Through" - they pioneered a style in trance music which had a heavy emphasis on ethereal vocals coupled with mature lyrical themes. Their debut single under their Lustral project - “Everytime” is widely regarded as one the defining records of the British trance music scene. In addition to their Space Brothers album “Shine”, Simmonds and Jones have released four albums under their Lustral alias.

A quarter of a century on from their debut single in 1997 - The Space Brothers have recently launched a four volume 25th anniversary set on Armada Music. Following on from the last three editions - "The Space Brothers - 25 Years Volume 4" will be released summer 2023.

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